Strength In The City Foundation

Our Mission

STRENGTH IN THE CITY Foundation (SITCF) was founded with one goal in mind – to bring mental and physical health & wellness to the community.

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OUR programs

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Serve Underpriveledged Youth

Our children are our future leaders and we want to ensure all have equal access to programs and opportunities for advancement. While we work on creating change, we are also focused on developing future leaders to eventually take the lead. 

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cultivate empowerment

Before you can show up for others, you need to work on becoming the best version of yourself. By providing access to mentorship programs, personal development workshops and more, we are here to help support you. 

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Protect The Enviroment

While we focus on building a better future, we want to ensure we do so in a responsible way. By educating our communities on the environmental impact of their actions, we can develop agency and affect change at a local level that has a global impact. 

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